• IgoriaCard, the only financial platform able to perform transactions in 17 different currencies with a single payment card, is seeking business partners willing to engage in white label cooperation and distirbute and sell cards.

    I. “White label” – cards branded by the partner

    „White label” is a service tailored to the needs of the distributor and offered under its own logo. The partner in question has the option of selling IgoriaCard multi-currency payment cards with their own logo in compliance with the considitions of Igoria Trade S.A.

    Partners receive renumeration for the sale of cards, as well as commission on card transactions.

    II. Distributor – sale and distribution of IgoriaCard multi-currency cards

    Sales and distribution of multi-currency cards with the IgoriaCard logo in personal sales channels. The partner is responsible for selling the IgoriaCard service and maintaining a commercial relationship with the customer. Meanwhile, the publisher of the card, Igoria Trade S.A., is responsible for the system for settling multi-currency payments, as well as technical support.

  • As a strong brand, IgoriaCard provides a number of benefits to its partners. By engaging in a dialogue with companies and institutions whose trust we have gained, we are able to constantly expand our brand to new horizons, and develop a collaborative model through the exchange of knowledge and experience. Our partners often emphasize that thanks to their cooperation with IgoriaCard, they:

    • gain new and loyal customers
    • are constantly developing and gaining new experiences
    • benefit from the knowledge provided to them in forms appropriate for their needs
    • demonstrate a real impact on the shape and direction of IgoriaCard product development
    • have the freedom to sell multi-currency payment cards
    • increase sales by implementing and promoting loyalty programs

    In addition, IgoriaCard helps with:

    • improving your image and strengthening your position on the market
    • increasing the number of potential customers
    • strengthining competitiveness
    • supporting partners in the technical use of payment instruments
    • promoting inter-company cooperation

    Being aware of the benefits that our partners bring in doing business with us is a constant and optimal method of inspiration and motivation for development. We want our list of partners and benefits to continue to grow, enabling us to improve our products and services.

  • White label cooperation, sales and distribution are aimed at a wide range of partners, including:

    • travel agencies
    • airlines
    • hotels
    • restaurants
    • network of shopping and service stores
    • financial advisers
    • loan companies
    • companies supporting bonus and loyalty systems
    • business chambers of commerce
    • associations
    • financial Institutions
  • Are you interested in cooperation with IgoriaCard on the “white label” model? Would you like to sell or distribute multicurrency payment cards, increase your own revenue, find new customers and increase the visibility of your brand on the market?

    Call us or fill-in a contact form and send a message. We will contact you and make an offer.