Convenient cashless payments everywhere in the world. 24/7 online access to Your funds.
Loading by transfer from more than 40 banks all over the world. Elastic transaction limits.

Multicurrency plastic card

of the first card

Order the card
  • Physical Mastercard card for both individual user
  • The card is embossed, has modern M/Chip Advance technology, contactless NFC payments and traditional magnet strip – full versatility and convenience on the go
  • Possibility of additional card order for the same account
  • FREE multicurrency account in addition to the card, serving 17 currencies
  • Registration, order and cards management online
  • Card delivery in any place all over the world
  • Creating subaccounts hierarchy function
  • Account deputies and creating cards groups within one IgoriaCard wallet
  • Flexible access and limits management by IgoriaCard account administrator
  • Currency exchange on the platform with access to 136 currency pairs
  • Loading the card using BLIK
  • Free transfers in most of polish banks

IgoriaCard gives the possibility of paying inmore than 120 currencies all over the world – automatically adjusts to local currency of country you’re in.

Multicurrency virtual card

  • Virtual Mastercard card fot iboth individual user
  • Perfect choice for online payments in foreign currencies
  • Additional safety thanks to blocking/unblocking possibility at any time
  • Card issued right away to registered users of IgoriaCard platform and ready for activation in few minutes since order
  • Possibility of ordering the virtual card to the same account as the physical card or to the auxiliary account
  • Loading the card using BLIK
  • Free transfers in most of polish banks
  • In the package with a FREE card, a multi-currency account for 17 currencies
  • Access and pay off limits management by the IgoriaCard account administrator
  • Currency exchange on the platform allows access to 136 currency pairs

of the first card

IgoriaCard currency exchange will automatically exchange the currency for You at the best rate.

IgoriaCard settles the transactions directly from 17 currency accounts
or makes an automatic FX transaction at the best possible rate.

  • Adam


    IgoriaCard has made it easier for our company to settle payments, in particular those made during business trips. Automated system allows to control company’s expenses and to minimize its costs.

  • Izabela


    I made the decision to order IgoriaCard right after I found out that there are 17 currencies on one card. By having the access to a multicurrency wallet, I can quickly pay with a card not only on the Internet, but also abroad. I have only one card for all kind of payments – it’s really convenient! IgoriaCard is worth recommending to all people who make daily transactions in different currencies.

  • Monika

    Office Manager

    We settle with counterparties in a variety of currencies. It took us a long time to find a solution that will help reduce the costs of transactions and currency exchange. Thanks to IgoriaCard we can settle with our business partners all over the world, exchange currency at favorable rates and use virtual multicurrency cards to settle daily payments.