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Open an IBAN (bank account) with a unique number, recognised by the system worldwide. Receive deposits from third parties, exchange currencies at attractive rates, send funds to nearly 200 countries. With IgoriaCard smart financial management is at your fingertips.

What currency can I open an IBAN account in?

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What is an IBAN account?

It’s a foreign currency account whose number is recognized by the international banking system.

What does an IBAN number consist of?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) consists of: characters denoting the country code (2) in which the bank account is located and the remaining characters: check digits (2), bank name / bank clearing number (depending on the country) and the number customer account (country dependent).

Having an IBAN on our platform, what way would it be useful for you?

Having an IBAN on our platform will improve your business. Thanks to this solution, your contractors can make payments directly to your account. You can send the same funds to another contractor or to another own account. If you need a different currency, you have access to an online exchange, where you can make a currency conversion and order a transfer to any account.

Can only an IBAN account be opened by a company?

IBAN accounts are also available to natural persons. This is a great solution for working people who get paid in a foreign currency. Thanks to this, they can easily exchange currency and send their funds to their loved ones, or use our multi-currency card to make current payments.

How much does it cost to open and maintain an IBAN account?

Detailed information on the costs related to IBAN account can be found in the table of commissions and fees.