How IgoriaCard settles the transaction?

Your funds available on IgoriaCard:

  • 10,00 EUR
  • 500,00 PLN
  • 20,00 CHF

Payment in restaurant for meal – 55,00 EUR.

  1. From your EUR funds the amount of 10.00 EUR will be withdrawn.
  2. IgoriaCard will automatically exchange amount of 192.82 PLN to 45.00 EUR. Transaction will be settled by best rate available on IgoriaCard (the example rate is 4.3515).


Thanks to funds in other currencies, automatic system of currency exchange IgoriaCard bought the required funds in order to complete transaction. From your card the amount of 55.00 EUR was taken.

Your funds:

Before the transaction After the transaction
10,00 EUR 0,00 EUR (system used 10.00 EUR in order to make the transaction)
500,00 PLN 304,18 PLN (system used 195.82 PLN and exchanged to 45.00 EUR at best possible rate at IgoriaCard currency exchange)
20,00 CHF 20,00 CHF (you had enough funds in PLN, therefore system didn’t have to use funds in CHF)

IgoriaCard system settled the transaction partly with funds from EUR account and partly with funds in PLN, because amount of EUR was not enough to complete the transaction. The funds in PLN were automatically exchanged by IgoriaCard at the best available rate.

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