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The payment card is a unique product, thanks to which your employees will be able to pay for meals at any point all over the world. The perfect form of payment for employees is offered within the confines of incentive programs. The prepaid card is a perfect alternative to cash, and is accessible to the worker 24/7 online.

The possibility of contactless payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs all over the world, multiple card loading and fast transaction settlement undoubtedly allows for more efficiency in accounting and – most importantly – IgoriaCard is a convenient payment method for employees travelling the world.

The food currency card can also be considered an employee benefit. The employer has full freedom to use the card and doesn’t have to worry about additional costs.

Prepaid IgoriaCard

The card provides real savings on taxes for employers – the food card is considered a cost of income, meaning up to 190 PLN monthly is not a subject to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contribution.

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