How IgoriaCard settle the transaction?

Your funds available on IgoriaCard:

  • 0,00 USD
  • 510,00 PLN
  • 250,00 EUR

You need to pay for hotel 170,00 USD.

  1. From your account in USD no amount will be taken, because you have no funds in this currency. Therefore IgoriaCard will automatically exchange 170.00 USD from your means in other currencies, like PLN and EUR.
  2. IgoriaCard will automatically exchange the amount of 510.00 PLN to 122.83 USD. Transaction will be settled at best rate available at IgoriaCard platform (the example rate is 4.1520).
  3. You need additional 41.77 USD to complete the transaction. Therefore IgoriaCard will make another currency exchange, this time using funds on EUR account, exchanging 38.91 EUR to 41.17 USD. The transaction will be settled at best available rate at IgoriaCard platform (example rate is 1.0580).


Using available funds in other currencies, system made automatic exchange. Your card was debited for 170.00 USD.

Your funds:

Before the transaction After the transaction
0,00 USD 0,00 USD (system didn’t use any amount, because there was no financial means in USD)
510,00 PLN 0,00 PLN (system exchanged all amount of 510.00 PLN to 122.83 USD)
250,00 EUR 212,74 EUR (system sold 38.91 EUR and exchange it to 41.17 USD)

IgoriaCard system made an automatic currency exchange from EUR account at the very best rate on IgoriaCard platform.

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