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New sing in features: trusted devices and e-mail OTP


We have released new functionalities supporting secure and convenient sign in into the IgoriaCard platform:

✅ Sign in confirmation with one-time password (OTP code) sent in an e-mail. It is now the default sign in option and an alternative to the previously used SMS OTP.

✅ Adding the browser as a Trusted Device, on which, at subsequent logins, additional confirmation with a one-time code will not be required.

You can mark a given device as trusted by selecting the appropriate consent when logging in. Removing the device from the trusted list is available at the IgoriaCard platform in the ⚙️ Settings / 🔒 Security menu. Periodically, it will also be required to refresh the login authorization of the Trusted Device by re-entering the OTP.

Adding the device to the Trusted ones impact ony the method of signing in to the IgoriaCard platform. Other actions requiring strong authentication, such as confirmation of a transfer order or viewing payment card security credentials will still require a OTP SMS code sent to your device.

If you have any questions about new features, please contact us